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Born in Calgary, Alberta, writer Dara Murphy currently lives in Montréal, Quebec. She writes plays, novels, and screenplays. 

She published her first one-act play when she was 19, with a company called Theatrefolk. Since then, she has published four more short plays, including the popular "They Eat Sunshine, Not Zebras" which has been produced in Canada and the United States.

Her most recent jump into theatre was In 2024 when she wrote, directed, and produced "Mom Ballet", a play about the decision to have children. In 2016, she wrote an original musical called “Outta Here”, and it was selected to be in the Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival (Montréal). In 2017, she co-wrote “The Lewis and Fadda Comedy Show”, which was nominated for Best English Comedy at the Montréal FRINGE Festival.

In 2022, she published her first children's book "A Boring Bedtime Story", and she is currently working on her second! Wish her luck! 


Here's a random list of abilities and interests:

-Running. The farthest she's ever gone is 65km. She regretted that. 

-Music. She plays piano, the alto horn, the clarinet, and the ukulele. Most evenings she teaches piano, so she probably won't answer the phone between 3 pm and 8 pm. Sorry about that.  

-Baking sourdough bread. She's terrible at baking anything else. 

-She would love to write another musical. Does anyone want to collab? 

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